The Journey Begins

No matter the blog, I keep this post and edit it. The reason being I’ll always have a “first day” post and have a starting point.

I’ve blethered for years about getting fit, but I haven’t done anything deliberate. Sure, I often walk a decent 40/50K steps a week but it does nothing apart from strengthen my legs.

Coming back from the company meet-up, I realised I’d had a few “yea, I’m going to do this now” type moments.

You’ve lost weight.

I flew out with a few friends and this what one of them said literally the second he met me again. He hadn’t seen me in a year so I must have visibly looked different to him.

Throughout the week, lots of ideas and things crept up on my to culminate in this post – mindfulness, yoga, cycling, meditation, “be your best self”.

Combined with my doctor sizing me up and saying “cut caffeine, and lose weight”, I guessed it was time.

I don’t have any targets, I just want to feel better overall. Be that weight, stress level, happiness, or whatever.


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