Two weeks

I’ve closed all three rings for a solid two weeks, this is the longest in some time I’ve closed my Apple Watch fitness rings in such a streak.

Like many people, my health took a back seat in Q3/4 2021 but during January I felt I needed to get back on top of things again. Mainly my “beer belly” sticking around and generally feeling shit. For me, being active helps my mental health and with the winter weather, it’s was just keeping going every day.

There have been MANY times over the past year when I’ve wanted to be continuously active but I’ve made so many excuses. I also have a habit of being very enthusiastic about something and not following it through (yay depression).

This time I decided to use something I’ve heard about the odd time – Atomic Habits, the idea that small changes each day can result in long term changes. So Feb first hit and I had to post an old mobile phone for recycling. I almost closed my Exercise ring just with that walk, I even ran a bit for some of the way.

With starting work at 6am, hitting my Stand goal daily has never been a problem weekdays, but weekends were a problem. I’ve focused on being conscious of that ping at ten to the hour to stand for a minute.

My Move ring can sometimes close even if I’ve done no exercise so I’m starting to increase it gradually now. It will be 630kcal daily from tomorrow.

So, since February is an amazingly perfect month for Monday, it has worked perfectly for the way Apple imposes “weeks”/“7 days”. I’ve closed all three rings for 14 days and I’m well on my way to gaining the February Challenge (burn 19,400kcal).

Feb 1st to 14th rings closed.

The green dot for those unfamiliar is a day I’ve completed a tracked exercise. Tue 9th is blank as it was a snow day and I closed my ring playing in the snow with the kids. It was amazing.

So much snow.